Showroom kiosks

bring your customers an intuitive sales experience with the showroom kiosk, a show stopper kiosk that will boost your engagement rate

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Key Features

Increase engagement and boost customer satisfaction

Regardless if your sales team is busy during peak hours or if you’re understaffed, you can rest assured that our QuotePro showroom kiosk will keep your customers engaged. Even during days when the weather is less than ideal, your customers will be able to narrow their search by exploring your inventory and individual vehicle features from the comfort of your showroom.


Customers can quickly check in upon arrival


Customers schedule appointments directly on-screen


QR Code
Scan a QR Code at any point to move your interaction to the mobile app


Product Selection
Display your complete product selection and allow customers to scroll and swipe using our intuitive user interface


Our 49″ touchscreen monitor provides a beautiful surface for your content to be displayed in 4k resolution.


Complete Transactions
Complete transactions on the showroom kiosk via card payment or using a QR code


We offer 2 configurations for the showroom kiosk, vertical or horizontal.

Adjusting to the new normal

Covid-19 and your business

Covid-19 has changed the way that dispensaries do business. For many, the need for social distancing and to limit customers has severely impacted revenue. QuotePro kiosks allow your business to minimize your staff’s exposure to customers while also increasing the throughput.

Social Distancing

One customer per kiosk

Kiosks service customers individually in clearly marked locations, allowing them to quickly move in and out of your store


Sanitary Solution


QuotePro digital kiosks can be easily cleaned with a non-abrasive disinfectant solution

Lower Risk

Fewer employees

Fewer employees will be necessary as cashiers when a QuotePro kiosk handle sales transactions


Decrease Contact

Limit interaction

QuotePro kiosks decrease contact between customers and employees by limiting the need for direct interaction

About the Showroom Kiosk

Simplify check-in and sales for your customers with a QuotePro kiosk

QuotePro showroom kiosks bring your customers an intuitive experience on our beautiful 49″ touchscreen kiosk. They may start by checking in on the kiosk to notify your staff that they are there as a walk-in customer, or to their scheduled appointment. 

Your customers may then explore your complete product selection at their own pace. The QuotePro showroom kiosk creates a full multimedia interactive experience where your customers will engage with your product selection instead of sitting idly and impatiently in your showroom, waiting for available staff to get started.




Business Benefits 

Boost engagement with the QuotePro showroom digital kiosk


  • Automates scheduling and sales
  • 49″ 4K LED touchscreen
  • Enjoyable and consistent sales and service experience
  • Integrated 700Credit services
  • Instant credit pre-approval
  • Data posts in real-time
  • Integrated Cox Automotive Financing
  • Interface is available in both English and Spanish
  • Customize the content, graphics, and adding video advertising
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – Meets ADA guidelines
  • Includes complete warranty and service plan
  • Promotes safety through social distancing
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean


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