How Kiosks Pay for Themselves at BHPH and Franchise Dealerships

By Marco Freudman, President, QuotePro

With all the additional costs that dealerships face today, it can be challenging to find ways to save money while still catering to your customers’ wants and needs. Fortunately, there is a solution that can lower sales and administrative costs while still providing convenience to consumers: kiosks. Kiosks can be used for sales, service and cashiering and may offer the ideal solution for today’s dealership.  Here is why:

Self-service sales and service

Today, many consumers will start the search for a new vehicle online but then typically will want to visit your dealership in person to check out their choices in-person.  A large, attractive sales kiosk can be the perfect bridge between their online search and a test drive by capturing all the necessary information upon check-in, reducing their wait times and your sales expense. Similarly, a kiosk is ideal for customers checking in to their service appointment, making the process speedy for them and cost-effective for you.

Take any type of payment safely, including cash

Consumers today want various payment options, including cash, checks, debit, and credit cards. A kiosk allows your customer to use their preferred payment method at their convenience. At Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, having a solution to accept cash is particularly important as it accounts for about half of all payments. Kiosks also offer the safety customers today are seeking amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Having employees face-to-face with customers is not what anyone wants right now. Making your customers feel safer and more comfortable makes them more likely to buy and return to your dealership than if they feel unsafe and/or rushed. Kiosks provide a contactless solution that keeps both your employees and customers safer.

Reduce transaction fees

Implementing a kiosk that accepts cash in addition to credit and debit cards will save your dealership money in transaction fees. When Texas Auto Center switched to a QuotePro Kiosk, they noticed an immediate switch to 80-90 percent of customers paying in cash. Neighborhood Autos experienced a similar outcomewhen they installed nine kiosks in seven different locations. They reduced overhead costs while offering a wider range of payment options to their customers.

Reduce staffing

Each kiosk can save your dealership 1000s of staff hours per month, reducing your rising administrative costs. With minimum wage rates set to increase, this will become an even more important factor in the future. The ATM level security of a payment kiosk is also important in reducing losses due to errors or internal theft. With a kiosk, your staff never touches cash again!

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