QuotePro Awarded Patent for Unique Next-Day Cash Services Technology to Help Businesses Quickly Reconcile Payments

QuotePro is pleased to announce it has been awarded a U.S. patent for innovative cash services software that works with QuotePro® Kiosks. 

Find the full patent here: https://ppubs.uspto.gov/dirsearch-public/print/downloadPdf/11501273

QuotePro Next-Day Cash Services help kiosk clients dramatically improve their financial processes and accuracy while ensuring faster access to cash deposited at the kiosk. 

Businesses can reconcile their accounts quickly and easily by gaining next-day availability for cash collected at each kiosk. Our unique, patented algorithm allows businesses to easily identify discrepancies and seamlessly reconcile cash (and card) payments in minutes.  No more late nights spent pouring over spreadsheets, trying to find money that has been lost or stolen.  

Without Next-Day Cash Services, cash is collected from the kiosk, counted, and reconciled by the armored car service, and deposited into the bank. This process usually takes about a week. If businesses have multiple kiosks at multiple locations, reconciling cash can become tricky, as each location is not necessarily serviced on the same day.

With QuotePro, funds from within the kiosk are purchased, enabling next-business-day deposits for all cash collected at the kiosk. No more waiting to get funds!  

This service will be an asset to businesses looking to streamline their financial processes and eliminate cash losses at store locations.  

To learn more about our QuotePro Kiosk and Next-Day Cash Services, and become a Reconciliation King (or Queen) of the cash-counting realm, give us a call at 1-800-630-8045,  send us an email at sales@quotepro.com, or visit our website www.quoteprosolutions.com.

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