How Kiosks Can Play an Important Role in the Future of Healthcare

Social distancing is vital in many public settings today but perhaps none more so than in healthcare facilities. As an essential business, healthcare facilities have remained open since the beginning of the pandemic, having to adjust to safety protocols as they evolved. Now, there are plexiglass screens separating employees from patients when they arrive at check-in or make payments. However, there is an easier and safer solution than plexiglass screens and non-stop use of hand sanitizer: self-service kiosks.

Kiosks in healthcare facilities are on the rise. With capabilities such as insurance verification, bill payments, check-in, and wayfinding, they are an obvious solution for healthcare providers to keep employees and patients safe and streamline processes to save time.

Virtually all businesses have had to adjust their strategies during the last 18 months. Car dealerships have had to redirect to online marketing and sales, retail has focused on online and curbside sales, while the world of healthcare has shifted to telehealth. Telehealth options have expanded beyond telephone and online consultations with doctors; they have also shifted to digital bill payments through online and self-service kiosk options. Technology is streamlining healthcare and expediting the influx of telehealth choices for patients. 

According to a recent article in Kiosk Marketplace, telehealth kiosks placed in private areas of locations like pharmacies, schools, big box stores and large businesses will not only provide access to medical care but can be outfitted with special tools to help doctors retrieve necessary information like body temperature and blood pressure virtually.

Healthcare kiosks and telehealth open up a world of safer, contactless opportunities for healthcare providers to streamline their services and make payments easier.

QuotePro offers ADA compliant healthcare kiosks that can be used for insurance verification, bill payments, using cash, credit or debit cards, wayfinding, and patient check-in. Our kiosks also come equipped with an ID reader and are easy to use. Learn more about our healthcare kiosks:

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