Meet Your 24/7 Government Employee: A Self-Service Kiosk

How Self-Service Solutions Can Help Municipalities Easily Accept Payments 

By Marco Freudman
President, QuotePro

If there’s anything we’ve discovered as a society over the last two years, it’s that bills still need to be paid, and companies still need to accept payments. The pandemic has added layers of complexity to this otherwise simple process with unstable financial situations for some, hesitancy to handle cash for others, social distancing requirements, and worker shortages. Fortunately, technology can help! A payment kiosk, especially if it can accept cash, can effectively eliminate many of these complications and simplify collections.

The desire to pay in cash is still strong, especially for unbanked or underbanked consumers. However, with worker shortages, many collection offices have reduced hours. Often, cash-preferred customers need to pay bills before or after the traditional 9-5, adding the additional challenge of finding reliable staff outside of business hours. Not only is it difficult to find employees to accept cash payments in person, but it can also come at a large expense. So, what should you do when customers want to pay in cash, but you can’t reliably find help to accept those payments?

Invest in a 24-hour employee: a cash-accepting kiosk. With a less expensive price tag than a traditional employee and unwavering reliability, a kiosk can make accepting cash, debit, credit or ACH payments simple. Customers paying at self-service kiosks can not only safely socially distance with contactless payments but also pay at any time that’s convenient for them.

For businesses looking to provide convenient and flexible payment options to their customers, consider a self-service kiosk. QuotePro Kiosks take debit, credit, ACH and cash. We have both indoor and outdoor models and can offer a full cash management solution, including armoured carrier pickup and full payment reporting. Our kiosks offer ATM levels of security – it is basically a smart safe with a retail front end! Best of all, your employees need never touch cash again!

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Marco Freudman is the President of QuotePro.

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