Why Mobile Apps are Today’s Online Car-Buying Solution

When was the last time you were browsing a store online, and the page suggested you open their site in the app? Or the last time you were offered a discount at a retail store if you downloaded the store’s app? Almost every company selling to consumers has their own app today. Retail brands were quick to jump on the trend as the logical next step: selling products on the app the same way they already do on their online store. For car dealerships, it’s been a longer process to adopt mobile apps for sales and payments. However, as early adopters have discovered, it has huge benefits!

From Browsers to Mobile Apps, Our Lives Are Spent Online

The majority of people start their car-buying process online, and since the pandemic, 80% of potential car-buyers are open to purchasing their vehicle online. In addition to this change, in recent years, the hours per day spent on mobile devices have surpassed that of desktop internet usage, so one can assume that if a customer is browsing for vehicles, it is likely on their phone. Not only that, but they are likely browsing on an app. 88% of time on a mobile device is spent using apps. In 2021 an app isn’t only a great add-on to your dealership’s offerings. It’s almost essential.

Coast to Coast Motors Reaps the Benefits of a Mobile AppNot only are mobile apps vital for dealerships because of their sheer reach, but they also offer convenience to customers and build loyalty to your dealership. Mobile apps can showcase inventory and allow for quick online car browsing, and perhaps more importantly, they can be used for payments. April Hanson, Market Director of Coast to Coast Motors with seven locations in Texas and Oklahoma, has implemented the QuotePro Mobile App from for payments, inventory, locations, towing and contact us. “We want to help our customers stay on track with regular payments, and the mobile app is perfect with its ability to send reminders and make a payment right from a mobile phone. It was extremely popular during COVID, of course!” Read our recent Coast to Coast Case Study to learn more.

Mobile apps can also include a service and maintenance scheduler, loyalty rewards, insurance quotes, and more. If you are considering a mobile app for your dealership, give us a call and find out how affordable a custom Mobile App from QuotePro can be. 

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