Top Three Ways to Improve Your Dealership During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted the auto industry in so many ways.  The dealerships that will succeed are the ones that are willing to change with the times. It’s no surprise that consumers are researching and buying vehicles online more than ever before.  And when they do enter your showroom, contactless solutions are essential. Fortunately, it can be easier than you think to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for. Here are three ways to improve your dealership amidst COVID-19:

Providing In-store Self-Service Options 

Self-service is more valuable than ever, and kiosks are a great way to provide contactless sales and payment solutions to your customers. Kiosks are versatile and can be used for inventory browsing, appointment check-ins and payments. An unexpected benefit of payment kiosks experienced by Fiesta Motors, a QuotePro customer, was being allowed to remain open during the initial pandemic shutdown because making vehicle payments was deemed an essential service. 

Fast-Tracking Online Sales

Online sales have skyrocketed since the pandemic began, and online vehicle retailers such as Carvana saw a 13% increase from their previous year’s sales within the first few months of the pandemic. Consumers don’t want to meet with dealers face-to-face anymore; they want to do it all online.

According to a recent article in Digital Dealer, “It’s no wonder that digital-leaning car dealerships have done the best during the pandemic. Auto dealers who ramped up their websites, improved their digital marketing, and offered a more appealing virtual experience for car buyers, have been able to soar.” Online car sales are no longer a future goal; it’s happening right now.  In a recent survey of 11,000 franchise dealers, 82% said that the digital process was here to stay. It’s important to move your dealership online if you’re looking to improve sales during COVID-19. New marketing tools and dashboards are an important element of your online sales strategy since they can pinpoint exactly where your leads and sales are coming from. Having the data to adjust marketing efforts quickly is essential in this environment.

Reducing Paperwork at the Dealership

Maintaining social distance presents complications for dealerships used to doing everything in-person and on paper. From the initial meeting, to showing customers different vehicle options, to signing the deal, most parts of the car-buying process were almost impossible to conduct virtually. Now, that’s changed. It’s crucial to provide socially distant, contactless solutions to customers. Today much of the paperwork and credit checks can be completed online – before the customers even enter the showroom – saving their time and yours.

The pandemic has changed how dealerships will do business forever. Now is the ideal time to upgrade your dealership and prepare for 2021.

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