The Many Benefits of Kiosks in Auto Dealerships

Kiosks have proven themselves to be an important staple of many businesses and continue their growth with every passing year. Auto dealerships, both BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) and Franchise Dealerships, can benefit from self-service kiosks. Kiosks can make it easier and more secure to accept payments (especially cash), check-in customers for service appointments, and let them shop for vehicles. Let’s look at each of these benefits in more detail:

Kiosks make auto payments simple and secure. With an ATM level of security, no employees need to touch cash again, and kiosks also accept debit, credit, and ACH payments. The kiosk will collect, count, and secure all payments deposited into it. Our latest kiosks can even provide change to the penny! This means higher security for cash and fewer errors. Kiosks also speed up the entire transaction process. With a faster process, employees can spend more time with customers and less on paperwork. Many customers still prefer using cash as their primary payment method, and with a cash kiosk, auto dealerships can securely cater to their customer’s needs.

Service Check-In
Want to streamline service check-in?  A kiosk is a convenient option. Customers in many industries prefer self-service kiosks, citing them as more convenient and often faster. Some sectors, such as the airline industry, have been utilizing kiosks for years, and as a result, consumers are comfortable using them.  Service check-ins at kiosks reduce both employee time and customer wait time.  A built-in driver’s license scanner makes the process a breeze. With faster customer experience, a dealership is also more likely to see return customers.

Shopping for Vehicles
Car shopping is becoming more streamlined with every passing year as technology continues to innovate the process. Now, the process can be even easier for customers to browse vehicles on a kiosk while they are onsite for either sales or service. After scanning their drivers’ license, the customer can see vehicles for which they are pre-qualified then check them out on the lot.  The kiosk can expedite the entire vehicle purchase process.

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