On the Road Again: ATMIA 2018

It was great to hit the road with my team as we headed to ATMIA 2018, the ATM Industry Association conference in Las Vegas to showcase the capabilities of our payment kiosks to 1,100 colleagues in the ATM industry.

Conferences like this one are a great opportunity for us to find partners, to explore opportunities to collaborate and to create new products to meet emerging business needs.

Content at the conference confirmed that bill payment kiosks are a hot topic in the ATM industry, because they offer extended functionality beyond that of a standard ATM. For example, they’re a great option to serve cash-preferred and under-banked customers. All kinds of features are possible and can be customized to meet the needs of multiple industries. Some of the ones we offer today range from having the ability to make change to the penny for utility companies, to offering insurance quoting for all types of property and casualty insurance.

We learned that ATM owners are finding it more and more challenging to place new ATMs. So, it makes sense to find ways to generate more revenue from existing locations by adding additional functionality.

We were happy to partner with our kiosk manufacturer, Genmega, and our industry partner Cash Connect to showcase our QuotePro Kiosk. We got some great feedback at the booths. Everyone loved seeing the transaction speed of our kiosks and were especially impressed of the ability of our kiosk to make change and provide provisional credit.

We’re looking forward to hitting the road again April 30 – May 4, to attend CS Week in Tampa. There we’ll have an opportunity to meet with utility professionals from across North America and beyond. We’ll be demonstrating how our kiosks can support utilities improve their customer experience and provide them with some great analytics when it comes to bill payments.

Missed ATMIA? Not able to attend CS Week? We’d welcome the opportunity to provide a demo of our kiosks and talk about their potential to serve your business. Just connect with us at sales@quotepro.com, or give us a call at 1-800-630-8045.

Marco Freudman

Marco is the CEO of QuotePro and a long-time Chicago native. QuotePro has been helping auto dealers, utility companies, apartment owners, insurance carriers and agents and many other types of companies grow their businesses with online, mobile and kiosk technology solutions for financially underserved consumers since 1991.

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