Now is the Perfect Time for Kiosks in the Healthcare Industry

In 2017 the kiosk market was valued at $4.83 billion with that number expected to rise to a valuation of $19.64 billion by 2022. In the tech age, consumers are constantly seeking out speed, convenience and simplicity of payments, all of which kiosks provide.

The desire to expedite the payment process is abundantly clear in healthcare settings. Patients have enough to deal with in managing their treatments and dealing with insurance claims. Healthcare providers are busy and want to take payments as effortlessly as possible so they can focus on treating their patients. Healthcare kiosks allow for payments to be made quickly and easily.  And for underbanked patients who wish to pay in cash, a kiosk is the ideal solution. Kiosks can even make change, so office staff never touch cash again! Accounting hours are reduced, trips to the bank to deposit cash and checks are eliminated, shrinkage and security are improved.

The benefits of kiosks are already being witnessed in healthcare settings. There are numerous check-in kiosks being implemented in hospitals which is increasing patient satisfactionby acting as informative tools for wait-times and updates. However, the ability to check-in via a kiosk is only one useful application. The ability to make quick payments is a potentially bigger opportunity that offers convenience for both the patient and the provider.

According to John Jesser, Anthem VP and LiveHealth General Manager “Large employer group customers see kiosks as a key part of their strategy to improve access to healthcare, manage costs and enhance productivity”.

Kiosks are giving healthcare providers a strategic advantage and improving their daily efficiency as well as their long-term viability. Healthcare centers find kiosks provide a return on investment within a relatively short period of time which assists in covering other costs of the healthcare center. All the while, the patient benefits through more convenient payment options.

Our focus at QuotePro is simple: increase efficiency for healthcare providers by ensuring simpler payment methods for patients.  While we can handle any type of payment, we love cash!  One of our unique advantages is helping you serve cash-preferred patients.  Our kiosks are perfect for accepting cash and making change, so your staff never have to handle cash again.

Reconciling payments is also simple via our online reporting service.  Provisional cash services ensure that payments are deposited into the business account within one business day. And as another option, our complimentary mobile app makes it easy for patients to get payment notifications, receive confirmation of payment and submit online payments using credit or debit. In addition, QuotePro has also developed a fully integrated mobile application that integrates with our kiosk capabilities.

The importance of kiosks and mobile apps in assisting healthcare productivity will continue to grow as the healthcare industry expands. Call or email me today to see how we can help you with convenient self-service options for accepting cash, checks or cards. 

Marco Freudman

President, QuotePro

Phone: (312) 654-8045 #110 


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