Neighborhood Autos

Neighborhood Autos replaced cashiers with QuotePro Kiosks at eight locations and eliminated 100% of their cash frustrations

Kiosks at 7 Locations

Man hours saved each month

Payments p/ year

The Opportunity

Neighborhood Autos wanted an easier way for their customers to make payments and purchase auto insurance. They realized that cash is the preferred payment method but was expensive, hard to handle and created reconcilement problems.

The Solution

QuotePro installed QuotePro Kiosks in their dealerships that accepted all types of payments, offered insurance and were customized to the dealership’s reconciliation process.

According the Eddie Hale, “The QuotePro Kiosk is efficient and reduces our overhead. It is customer friendly and allows us to advertise. It creates just a great customer experience in our stores.”

  • Eliminates duties of cash deposits, now made by armored car carriers and cash is safe
  • Payday destination for multiple services
  • Takes cash and makes change
  • Great service to the cash paying customer



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