Mike Carlson Motors

Mike Carlson Motor Company (MCMC) is Texas’ largest family-owned independent car dealer with eight locations in and around Fort Worth. Since 1968, MCMC has sold over 250,000 vehicles and provided over 200,000 auto loans.

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The Opportunity

As a Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealership, MCMC sells cars and provides loans for the vehicles they sell. Customers return to the dealership to make bi-weekly payments, usually in cash, on payday. MCMC sees a surge in customers on each payday, whether it’s the 1st and 15th of the month or on Fridays. As they expanded, they needed an efficient payment solution for a new store. MCMC also maintains their relationship with the customer when they see them come in to make payments. MCMC had a vested interest to ensure the vehicle sold was insured. As the lien holder, ensuring the protection of their assets is an integral part of their business plan. Additionally, they wanted to avoid interruptions in the sales process if the customer left the lot to go out and buy insurance.

The Solution

QuotePro Kiosk enables MCMC to take control of both their payment processing and adding insurance to the sale of each car.

Building on QuotePro’s Bind Online Technology within the auto insurance space, the QuotePro Kiosk is able to deliver auto insurance after a 90-second customer interview. Basic demographic information is collected from the driver and combined with the vehicle information to generate an auto insurance quote and sale. The solution gave MCMC control of the insurance aspect of every car they sold. The customer could stay on the lot and get the insurance they needed.

The QuotePro kiosk also allowed customers to walk up and make car payments without any assistance. The customer simply identifies himself and his payment amount is presented on the screen. Customers can pay with credit or debit cards, a money order and cash. Best of all, the QuotePro Kiosk makes change for cash payments.

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