Digital Alternatives for Auto Dealerships in the Age of Social Distancing

Social distancing is creating a ‘new normal’ for everyone, and it can be difficult to adapt to the changing circumstances. But there can be an upside for your dealership! Let’s face it: the likelihood of social distancing continuing for an extended period of time is high. So now is the time for businesses to shift to digital alternatives. Fortunately, not only can digital transactions save your dealership time and money, but going digital can be more convenient and attractive for customers as well.

Many industries have started shifting to digital alternatives to allow customers to both shop and purchase online. However, as you know, the auto industry has been slower to adopt digital solutions. You visit a dealership and buy a car in person, that’s how it has always been. But in light of the pandemic, things are going to change. More dealerships are looking for digital alternatives for car sales and, those dealerships can thrive during these uncertain times and beyond.

This is going to fundamentally change how people view buying a car by the end of this year, youre going to see 80% – 90% of U.S. new car dealers with full e-commerce capability in their shops,” said Rhett Ricart, chairman of the National Auto Dealers Association.

It’s time to make sure you’re ready for this change. Having an additional online sales alternative, rather than exclusively in-person, will increase sales long-term even after social distancing ends. Plus, digital alternatives provide more options for customers, thereby increasing the chance of a successful sale. Digital options reach a broader geographic audience and appeal to customers who want a simpler purchasing process, or who want to be connected to more research options.

For BHPH dealers, allowing customers to submit financing information “from the couch” can help pre-qualify them for vehicles and remove time and friction in the dealership. The information is securely transmitted to the dealership. Then, when the customer does arrive for a test drive, the information they provided is available and does not have to be reentered. When convenience increases and customers feel less uncomfortable, either sharing information or dealing with salespeople, the chance for a successful sale increases.

Consequently, in addition to digital alternatives, consumers are also embracing unattended retail options like kiosks to avoid person-to-person interaction. Kiosks can provide an alternative at your dealership for customers who want to make a quick payment in cash, check-in for a service appointment, or browse for a new vehicle, without having to speak to a sales associate or receptionist.

For now, social distancing is our new normal. Digital alternatives are the way to service and thrive. Use this time to embrace digital alternatives and ensure your dealership can continue to meet customer needs and is also well-positioned for the new business environment that is ahead of us.

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