Cash not only survived the pandemic – it came out stronger

We are so pleased to have our president, Marco Freudman, quoted in this American Banker article.

According to the article, “One of Cash Connect’s partners in the fast-growing kiosk business is Chicago-based QuotePro, whose merchant customers span about a dozen industries including car dealerships, mobile home parks, insurance agencies and utilities, according to Marco Freudman, QuotePro’s president.”

QuotePro uses Cash Connect’s technology within kiosks that can connect to a mobile app operated by the merchant, Freudman said.

“There are lots of kiosks that accept payment cards, but not many equipped to accept cards, checks and cash, including for higher sums,” he said.

Car dealerships are also interested in same-day ACH credit for total funds collected provided by Cash Connect’s software, which is helping drive strong demand for QuotePro’s kiosks.”

Read the full article by American Banker here:

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