QuotePro Comparative Rater


Provide insurance rates fast with QuotePro Comparative Rater

Much like popular online travel sites that compare flight costs or hotel rates, the QuotePro Comparative Rater displays all your insurance carriers’ rates side-by-side in seconds:

  • Include quotes from preferred and non-standard carriers
  • Quotes rates for auto, motorcycle, renter, and home insurance

Compare rates, buy and bind online, track sales in real-time

The QuotePro Comparative Rater connects insurance agents and brokers with their carriers and customers. It’s easy to quote and buy in minutes! Here’s how it works:

  • The Rater pre-fills basic personal information in as little as 15 seconds. It only takes moments to enter everything required for a quote.
  • You immediately receive side-by-side quotes from multiple insurance carriers. Select the rate and carrier, then buy the policy online.
  • The buyer has a choice of six- or 12-month terms.
  • QuotePro can even “bind online”. Your clients can print their policy and proof of insurance without agent support.

Our unique quote-and-buy technology is optimized to work with any device: computer, tablet, or mobile or on a QuotePro Kiosk.


The QuotePro Comparative Rater includes our unique Command Center, which provides analytics that help you track sales in real-time. With it you can:


  • View quotes easily online or within your agency management system.
  • Analyze how your clients are transacting – website vs mobile vs in-person
  • See all your leads, quotes, conversions, sales, and renewals.
  • Gain a better understanding of your client base by reviewing demographics and buying habits, including zip code, gender, age, and peak buying times.
  • For insurance carriers it provides live quote data to help them determine their rate “sweet spot” to win more future business.

Rates for all 50 states!


See 100% of your leads, quotes, conversions, sales, and renewals in the Command Center


  • Compares rates for all your carriers in seconds
  • Awesome analytics: track sales online in realtime, learn more about your customers and their buying habits, help your carriers improve their competitiveness
  • Convenient – clients can buy insurance and bind online 24/7, no appointment needed
  • Simple – its intuitive interface is in English and Spanish
  • Rates are available for coverage in all 50 states, and for various types of P&C insurance including auto, motorcycle, home, and renters


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