QuotePro Video Chat

With QuotePro Video Chat you can be virtually face-to-face with your customers!

QuotePro Video Chat is a great add-on to your QuotePro kiosk, giving you the opportunity to consult with your customers “face-to-face” in real-time. All your employees need is their expertise and a webcam on their computer. The kind of support provided is up to you. Do your customers have a service question? Need clarity on a bill? Want to transfer a service? Do customers need to show dentification? (The camera can capture and store the image!) Let us help you to explore the possibilities. 


of customers say live chat is helpful


of customers say they would like to use video chat with customer support


  • Resolve customer questions quickly, in real-time
  • Provides face-to-face service virtually – you don’t need to have on-site staff
  • Avoid delays: customers can get the timely answers they need to proceed with a transaction
  • Flexibility: You can direct inquiries to the right staff. For example, the customer can connect with a representative at your company who can assist them in languages not supported by the kiosk


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