Digital Sales Technology

Digital Sales Technology to Complement  
Your Dealership

Our Digital Sales Technology enables a new level of online car buying for franchise and BHPH dealerships.  Get your inventory in front of more potential buyers.  Help customers find cars based on their budget and then make it easy to quote, reserve and subscribe for the vehicle they want.

Sell More. Close Faster.

QuotePro makes it easy for you to compete with the big online-only car dealerships with a professional looking inventory page and easy to follow steps that move potential buyers from window shopping to reserving a car, to visiting your dealership, to buying a vehicle.  Extras like insurance and service warranty packages can all be included.

The NY Times reports  “In the last three years, online used-car start-ups have grown rapidly, accruing more than $2 billion in funding.” So how do you compete?  By offering the reliability of a local dealership with the speed and convenience of our online inventory tools.

QuotePro can help you get there!  We’ve been serving BHPH dealerships with our convenient, customizable payment kiosks for over a decade and helping insurance companies quote and sell online.  Those areas of expertise come together perfectly with our new Digital Sales Technology.

Reserve a vehicle in 60 seconds!

Stay open for business 24/7

Auto Dealership Mobile Apps

QuotePro Mobile Apps are a perfect addition to your in-store service and serve as your quick-click payment channel. Combine with a QuotePro Kiosk for maximum efficiency for cash-preferred customers.

Key benefits:

    • Sell more vehicles faster! 
    • Be open for business 24/7
    • Increase your number of sales leads and win customers outside of your geographic area
    • Gain a complete digital marketing packing including:
      • Website development – sharpen your image
      • Content creation – our writers make you look good
      • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns – leverage Google Ads 
      • Digital advertising with sponsored social media posts
      • Conversion optimization – we help you turn visitors into buyers
      • Dashboard analytics – see your results at a glance


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