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Track your sales and marketing data and display it in a way that highlights the information that you value


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About the QuotePro Dashboard Analytics

Keep your sales and marketing data at your fingertips

Our QuotePro analytics dashboard gives you valuable insight into your sales and marketing data. Suit your goals, by fully customizing your dashboard to track and display information that is critical to your business operations.

The analytics dashboard can be customized to suit your dealership’s needs. The data from your sales is a rich metric that can be used to improve your dealership’s performance, to point out inefficiencies, or for a variety of different purposes. Our QuotePro analytics dashboard helps break that data down by creating reports that are simple to read and that showcase the key metrics that are important to you and your team. That’s why we give you the ability to fully customize your dashboard.

Key Features

Bring your data to life with the QuotePro dashboard analytics

The QuotePro analytics dashboard provides you with a real-time view of all sales, and tracks leads from all digital channels including Facebook ads, paid and organic Google searches. 


Customize the dashboard with the key information that you prefer.


Our charts are color-coded for easy comprehension.


Track all your leads in one spot and identify where they’re coming from and how you got them.


Track your sales through a variety of filters and settings.


Integrates with Facebook ads, Google ads and organic google searches.

Business Benefits 

Transform your sales and marketing with the QuotePro analytics dashboard


  • Real-time view of sales
  • Track leads from all digital channels
  • Integrates to Facebook ads, Google ads
  • Integrates with organic Google searches
  • Integrates with Dealer Management Systems

the platform for the automotive industry


Looking for a solution that was created exclusively for the automotive industry? QuotePro has developed the AutoQuoter platform for both franchise and buy here pay here auto dealerships. 

Case Studies

Learn about the businesses that are growing with our digital kiosk system

Texas Auto Center

Texas Auto Center

  Texas Auto Center was rated as the TIADA Quality Dealer of the Year in 2016. With three locations in Austin and San Marcos they make it easy to find a car in Central Texas.          The Opportunity For years, Texas Auto Center struggled with cashier turnover....

Neighborhood Autos

Neighborhood Autos

  Neighborhood Autos replaced cashiers with QuotePro Kiosks at eight locations and eliminated 100% of their cash frustrations          The Opportunity Neighborhood Autos wanted an easier way for their customers to make payments and purchase auto insurance. They...

Mike Carlson Motors

Mike Carlson Motors

  Mike Carlson Motor Company (MCMC) is Texas’ largest family-owned independent car dealer with eight locations in and around Fort Worth. Since 1968, MCMC has sold over 250,000 vehicles and provided over 200,000 auto loans.          The Opportunity As a Buy Here Pay...