QuotePro BHPH Auto Dealership Kiosks

Eliminate Cash Frustration at BHPH and Franchise Dealerships

QuotePro Kiosks are found at the biggest and best-run BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) and franchise dealerships in the country. Our BHPH auto kiosk is a turn-key solution that serves as your new cashier and can easily deposit cash, make change and also accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

Simplify Your Cash Management

Implementing a convenient QuotePro Kiosk solves the most common payment concerns.

Mistakes made counting out change? Not anymore. 

Cashier called in sick? Not a problem.

Employees feel unsafe transporting cash to the bank? The armored car handles that now. 

Discrepancies between cash counted at the dealership vs. what arrives at the bank? The process with QuotePro is secure, automated and error-free. 

"Our kiosks lowered costs while increasing convenience for everyone. QuotePro’s client service after the sale has been impeccable."

Martin Garcia

General Manager, Texas Auto Center

Our Solutions
How can we help you?

QuotePro offers the following solutions for auto dealers:

Our Solutions
How can we help you?

QuotePro offers the following solutions for auto dealers:

Discover the QuotePro Kiosk advantage and eliminate your payment processing headaches

We offer the most comprehensive self-service car dealership kiosk solution on the market. Auto dealerships across the country have discovered these advantages:

A Cashier

  • Kiosk serves as your cashier and exclusive on-site payment channel
  • Accepts all payment types including cash
  • Makes change and doubles as an ATM
  • Posts payments for earlier credit
  • Works 24/7/365

Full Cash Management

  • Armored couriers collect cash from the kiosk and deposit it at your bank
  • Only the armored carrier has access to your safe, increasing securing and accountability
  • Employees never touch cash again

In-Depth Reporting

  • Full transactional reporting delivered daily
  • Customized reports available online
  • Reconciliation reporting with each bank deposit

Car Dealership Kiosk Case Studies

Mike Carlson Motors

MCMC is an industry-leading Buy Here Pay Here independent auto dealer and in-house lender that streamlined their operation with QuotePro Kiosks.

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Neighborhood Autos

Neighborhood Autos replaced cashiers with QuotePro Kiosks at their eight locations and eliminated 100% of cash frustrations.

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